"The form is created only in the process of life"

- B. Asafiev, Soviet Musicologist  [1923]



Rev. Martine Luther had considered every aspect of our world touched by music, this 'holy gift' bestowed by the Lord God. Native Americans sought to synergize with The Great Spirit or 'Wakan Tanka' through collective music making, harmonizing with the natural world around them. In African cultures across the continent proper, music served as socio-cultural communication and a conduit for religious and ritual practices. And in the cold climates of the Northern Artic regions, Inuit Tribes prescribed to animism, thereby using music to reflect the spiritual quality of their surroundings.

Music is not simply 'any closed complex of sounding,' but a manifested, intonational expression of the conscious truth of its creator, given the gift of existence because of an intrinsic need to be and become. In Ernst Kurth's words, "Music and...the impression of sound...relate to one another as Will and its expression...as abstract ideas and their concrete realization." So, the immortally paradoxical question then arises; The chicken or the egg first, the 'will to creation' or pedantic regulations? 

As an interested Researcher into how music could be fuller understood and more effectively 'heard' by way of contextual understanding through what I call a Neo-Music Theory approach, I hope to illuminate and inspire you to think about where music originates from, as a composer is a person first and composer only second. Life gives birth to music!

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The Symphonic Juncture [Noun]


1...:..The fantastic intermediary between an initial, supraconscious impulse and its manifested outgrowth via a chosen, creational medium.

2...:..A synthetic amalgamation of independent circles of action, culminating in a grand form, brought together through purposeful, or   unintentional, curatorial design.

3...:..Through the inner gaze (true vision) and an intuitive negation of artificial, creative mechanization, a creator abides within this sphere.

4...:..A relational ethos predicated upon the renovation of one's cognitive agency formerly built on a basis of intellectual absolutism.

5...:..A publically-available medium by which an individual, or collective, evocatively documents the multidimensional, happenings of life and subsequently aids in an observer's comprehensional development.


1) Psycho-schematized observationalism, 2) the confluent point between terminal agitation and life, 3) balanced perceptivity of organic stimuli,  4) commonwealth experientialism.

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February 8th,  (1972): The official Beatles Fan Club disbanded

                                   (1965): The Supremes release their hit 'Stop in the Name of Love'

                              (1973): The Jamaican cult movie 'The Harder They Come' makes                                                    its American premiere. 

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