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This simple yet effective website is designed to alleviate the stress of a daily writing quotient and the continual trepidation around the infamous pathogen called Writer's Block. Described as not quite blogging or update writing but instead unabated writing between "you and me" [read the conscious and the superconscious], 750 Words gives writers the chance to just write. Without regulation. Without rules. Without annoyances. 

In my journey to keep myself accountable for writing these autobiographical, mini-expositions, I will be posting my 750+ words here everyday after the session. Maybe no one will lay their eyes on the thoughts manifested, and maybe one person will read my inner ponderances. Who knows, but the fact remains that they will be here for all to view.

August 10th, 2021 - Word Count (857)

I forgot Yesterday but here I am again!

So here I am again, at nearly 1 am in the morning, working on finishing an Opera Wire article which I should have finished yesterday. But alas, I did not. However, that's okay as I am happy and quite contented with what I am coming up with right now. I am almost done with the last paragraph of my edits and then I can go back and siphon off some words, cut the overall length down, and voila! I am done with this article. I need to start on the next article by creating my outline and the necessary steps therein, as I am trying to stay dedicated in finishing articles in a three-week period! I did spend one week doing the research and background understanding, but I need to spend two weeks on the actual writing portion, and that is what's going to take some time because I have to create my point of view and figure out what my narrative is going to be. For without an overarching narrative to direct my thinking, I am quite susceptible to getting lost in the labyrinth of possibilities that I have to go and explore my topic. 

It's rather interesting too! I am looking at the usage of a aria from Puccini's opera Tosca in the movie Stalingrad, at least the 2014 French production. What was revealed through my research is that the whole conundrum of movies based on the Battle of Stalingrad has much to do with the who of its production than the what, as both Soviet Russia, WW2 Germany, post-Soviet Russia, and post-Nazi Germany, along with Paris have made movies based in and around the events during The Battle of Stalingrad. It was really illuminating to note how many different angles there were when talking about the points therein, as this Battle was the first time that Hitler publically lost to the Soviets. It's also said that this was really the moment that Nazi Germany began to crumble and have its facade of international power questioned, further infantilizing its supposed grandeur to their Soviet enemies and the rest of the Western powers. 

Work right Now

As I am writing this, like aforementioned, I am so very close to finishing the article. Once that is done, I can edit and turn it in tonight. I want to do a bit on the Opera Wire #2 and then something else. I have a laundry list of things I wanted to get to, but alas I ran out of sunlight to do that. Plus, what I learned yesterday is that when I am tired and without sufficient sleep I cannot function or even pretend to function. This is quite annoying, as I am well aware of a few people who can function on little to no sleep at all. I am not one of those people apparently, but no matter. I did want to do some listening homework, as I haven't done that in quite some time. 

But, I will put that on the back burner if I don't get some other things done first. I do enjoy really very much listening to different contemporary Russian artists, drawing, and watching a livestream. It gives me a chance to people watch which, in all honesty, I find really interesting and quite intriguing every time I do it. You'll never know what kinds of people you'll see on your digital journey, nor what kinds of thoughts you'll have about them. Like I said, I also draw when I am watching, so it makes the process really dynamic because on one level I am simply an observer but on another, I am a capturer of a fleeting moment that cannot be redone. I am no Picasso or even a Warhol. But I enjoy the act of creation and so I enjoy doing the art not for what I can create but because I enjoy the process as a process itself. Art for Art's sake.

Where are we then?

In this attempt to write everyday this month, I am seeing some patterns that I want to rectify before I make them a monthly habit. I need to try and complete my word entries earlier in the day and do them when they are on my mind the most, not so much as just another thing to do. I did want to do them at the beginning of the day and had floated that idea in the past and earlier this month. However, that's a bit hard to commit to you but I think it would be worth it if I could somehow manage to convince myself to do that. I will attemptively agree to such a position, because it would not only give me a reason to warm up my fingers so to speak, but also my mind as it could coax into rational and deep thinking from a totally different angle then I am used to. Get to work through spontaneous writing, instead of concerted, linear thinking on any one theme or topic. I think I'll try that tomorrow morning.

Good night!