The Symphonic Juncture

A [Symphonist]: "The one who is not afraid to raise the primal force."

- Boris Asafiev (1917)

Хаски 2020: The rebirth of Russia's Pushkin of Rap

He went silent after his January Christmas Miracle Show, only to re-emerge in the Spring releasing his album 4PMP, a reference to an undisclosed subject source not yet made public. Strangely, the album was taken off his official Spotify and Genius profiles, replaced with his latest album, Хошхоног / Hoshhonog, thus indicating that perhaps the creation of this album was that which was being referenced, although one cannot say for sure. Later, on July 8th, he had one feature on Everthe8’s album, Not by Recipe, which depicted Husky’s experiences in his homeland of Ulan-Ude in the track, Оазис / Oasis. He was then interviewed on July 22nd on length for a Vice Investigates video and accompanying article, where he opened up about his feelings of personal isolation, his homeland, his musical journey, and his personal beliefs on various subjects. As a taste of what was said, he had stated that the act of reading is beneficial for all, no matter the content, a sentiment I share in theory. However, just nine days later, another short-form documentary was released about Husky and his creative/personal endeavors entitled, Кто подставил рэпера Хаски? / Who framed the rapper, Husky? In September, Husky became extremely busy once again, performing and releasing music in quick succession, September 3rd being featured during the Summer Sound concert, while simultaneously releasing the very first solo track of 2020, Аферсит / Gambler, from his then-unreleased album. September 10th, Husky released another single off the album Бесконечный магазин / Endless Shop, and two days later he performed at Симферополь. It was really towards the end of the month that Husky started to release loads of work, on September 24th, releasing a single-track Album, Lucifer, which would eventually make its way to the larger album, Хошхоног. He released single-track albums for three of the songs on his album, Lucifer, Swindler, and Endless Store.

Accompanying the release of his one-track Lucifer, he performed at Roof Place in St. Petersburg on September 24th, and the day after, accompanying the release of his new album, also released a three-remix album entitled, это все ху, featuring the stylings of Dirty Move Beats. Just two days ago, on September 25th, he released the first, of hopefully many, music videos accompanying his new album. The track, Никогда-нибудь / Ever, was treated to cinematic Husky-ness, depicting scenes of literal human slaughter to symbolize the destitute nature of human existence and Husky’s feeling of living out his fate without being able to change its projected course, using an insect stuck in amber as a metaphor within the track, but not within the music video. The music video, according to an video-recorded interview documented on the Genius website, was filmed as early as September 4th and this means Husky’s rebirth was planned well in advance and now the fruits of his labor are unfolding with firm momentum. Number wise, his Spotify account is growing at a consistent pace, on September 18th his monthly listener statistic clocked in at 379,776, but just 6 days later it had grown by 26,223 listeners. That is not a number to scoff at, and even Spotify knew that, releasing a brand new playlist featuring the best of Russian rap which included Husky’s new songs entitled, Hip-Hop Puska / Cannon. Why is this important? Because prior to this, the playlist that was created by Spotify featuring the ‘best’ of Russian rap had not featured Husky at all, except for one track at times. As it stands on September 27th, Husky’s follower count is 308,307, a two-thousand plus growth from only two days prior, and so one can make the assertion that Husky’s fame is not only established within Russia and European circles of influence, but quickly becoming global, even though he has not ventured outside of Russia to perform as of yet. Just like in 2018, Husky has a two-month tour planned, with one concert exception happening in February of 2021, spanning over 32 locations, from Minsk and Perm, to Kazan and Saratov. We shall see what occurs during this tour, but from the onset, Husky has come from his soloist and performance 'hibernation' with strength and determination.

Armed with new music and a revitalized image, complete with dark brown hair instead of a shaved head, rugged yet tailored stubble, and strong proclivity for blood, guts, and obscurity, the Husky from 2018 has developed and taken on a rawer, more introspective voice, both narratively and vocally, although this is not to say that his music has become primarily 'soft.' He utilizes the same expressionary genuineness, but concurrently experiments with new musical in