The Symphonic Juncture

A [Symphonist]: "The one who is not afraid to raise the primal force."

- Boris Asafiev (1917)

Navalny returns to Moscow, and Putin s-h-i-v-e-r-s.

Updated: Jan 31

With the return of Alexander Navalny from abroad [Berlin, Germany] to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Alexander S. Pushkin International Airport after many months away in recovery due to an almost-fatal poisoning at the hands of an unknown assailant, although most acknowledge Putin was such ‘Other’, I question if we are witnessing the beginning of the end for Vladimir’s Reign of Terror. The answer could very well be no but perchance the voracity for change is so incredibly strong within the hearts and minds of Russian citizens that наконец [finally] Putin’s fanfare and national appeal will wear to such an extent that his only option will be to, in true woke American fashion, bend the knee to his own people and step away from a Russian love-affair lasting far longer than it should [lasting over 20 years, longer than Lenin and Stalin]. But, in truth this most likely will not occur and how can it when the younger generation of Russia think such things like "We always aimed to be number one in the world, and Putin understands that” and “There isn't a single unstable element in the management of the country," so for as bold as Navalny may be, ничего [nothing] will change in Russia without a recalibration on how Russia’s youth orient themselves politically, thoughts such as these should imprint themselves dually in the hearts and minds of those wanting change, "He's sincere, kind and noble. He's very smart, energetic and combative — everything you need in a leader."

This is not to disregard Navalny, this is to bolster his advocacy for a free Russia which does not act as a ‘feudal state’ with serf’s who beg for more enslavement without looking up from the ground. Rather, this is to say one must focus their attention on the youth of tomorrow who will suffer the most by living in an imaginative cloud of pseudo-Soviet ideology where the government always cares for you and nothing could ever go wrong with your country, it is always those pesky outside influences. This is reminiscent of the Nietzschean Correspondence Theory of Truth with its ‘if its useful, then it is true’ mentality, where if such X is beneficial to me personally, I shall disregard all statements rebuking X because that will not yield positive results to my personhood and will only seek to discontinue the illusion of equilibrium found with the fraudulent post-truth I have taken to be the truth. Mikheyev(1987) expands upon this disconcerting truth that, as a consequence of the wear and tear of dogmatic propaganda, the ‘Soviet man’ has been convinced of a invisible, external threat and in response, he must view life as an ‘incessant struggle for survival in competition with others’ where love shall not be sought, but respect, and where democracy must be squashed due to the fearful inundation of evil that might venture through the portal as well. As Mikheyev states, “Time perception is focused on the future, or sometimes on the past, but rarely on the present,” how relevant indeed. He has summarized, into six points, what he concluded through his research to be the Soviet mentality, with 12 other secondary traits not listed here. They read as....

1. Perception of both the physical and social environments as basically hostile and dangerous
2. Perception of life as an incessant struggle for survival
3. Acceptance of society's supremacy over an individual's goals
4. Perception of strength as the most important quality
5. Disbelief in a Supreme Being and life after death
6. An essentially relativistic attitude toward morality, that is, the acceptance of double standards toward friends and enemies

[Traits of the 'Soviet mentality', Mikheyev(1987)]

So I repeat then and shall answer my own question, that being are we indeed seeing the beginning of the end for Putin and his ‘Family’, will there be any type of renovation of the Post-Soviet [yet heavily still engrossed] power structures that Russia has always acclimated itself to for fear of true freedom and the supposed vices that come along? The answer seems to be no, as Navalny, like so many other political adversaries from Soviet and Post-Soviet past and present, has been ‘charged’ with embezzling donations to his anti-corruption foundation which is ironic considering that Putin has amassed a laundry-list of corruption scandals in his tenure in Office, not taking into account the fact that he used multiple, staged terrorist plots to ‘endear’ himself to his people, of which they worked because why wouldn’t they? This is also not taking into consideration Putin’s corrupt control [and vice versa] of The Orthodox Church in Russia, exemplified through Ivan Ostrakovsky [the leader of the Orthodox night-gang called Svyataya Rus] and his comments, “We must protect holy places from liberals and their satanic ideology,” whose group is responsible for burning Harry Potter books [satanic] and who supports an Archbishop [Dmitry Smirnov exactly] who thinks that the first revolutionary was the Devil, insinuating Russia’s move towards a democratic future signals the coming of the Anti-Christ. I myself am a conglomeration of spiritual and religious beliefs, but my very, authentic, existence [to use woke terminology] would be externally impossible without the helpful aid of modernity as well as numerous other minority groups [do not forget women’s liberation] on this earth, and thus to say that contemporaneity is inherently evil is unquestionably inaccurate. But Putin views the Church as a political tool, thus his labeling of Western culture as one of degradation and primitivism’ is quite funny coming from the representative of the country whose policy of domestic violence was actually decriminalized and the wage gap, as opposed to certain global localities, remains a huge issue for women in the workforce.

Further, the no-women job list, yes a real thing, is still used within the borders of Russia and according to a COVID-19 report done by Larisa Zhukova, close to all [83%] Pharmacists are women making them at the front-lines of the illness, additionally pointing out that because women were forced to stay home, abuse cases skyrocketed with the appalling figure of 70% being for those who were too scared to come forward. Putin has larger problems than a political dissident to consider, and one would think that for someone who fought his way from the streets, and quite literally phoned the KGB and asked what education was needed ["I was driven by high motives”], he would be more tactful, but sadly that proves not to be the case. His tact died long ago, when could be disputed but that does not matter so much as the acknowledgement that it is unmistakably gone. Putin says, “His wife addressed me, and I gave the green light to have him treated in Germany that very second, and should one believe this upon face-value? I would say not considering he came to power promising dynamic economic growth, which has not exactly gone to plan. Did you know his ‘mystery dissertation’ for St. Petersburg Mining Institute [an Institution he never went to] was copied verbatim from the 1982 American textbook Strategic Planning and Policy? It all seems rather apropos when looking at the big picture. Perhaps it’s God’s plan, we shall see won't we?

As of current moment, he is under detention at Police Department No. 2 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city of o. Khimki and his personal lawyer is not allowed to see him, even though he has filled out the necessary paperwork. His supporters are calling this a 'kidnapping' and there has been International outrage at the cowardly hands of Putin.

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