The Symphonic Juncture

A [Symphonist]: "The one who is not afraid to raise the primal force."

- Boris Asafiev (1917)

Spanish Flu No. 2: Victim? Pablo Hasel.

As the working man and woman continues to reel from the pandemic with no end in sight, the same virus meant to be quelled in 15 days (and then 45, and then never at all) without the aid of a mask at one point (and then it was necessary, and then it was two until 2022), one is left reminiscing on the days of yore when the ‘rules for thee and not for me’ socio-political motif was able to be cast aside for a non-homebound distraction. But alas, like all ‘good’ things, this too passed and its alternative has not only brought about the puerile roars of a generation with too much time on their hands [i.e., American ‘Generation Z’ a.k.a. ‘Bored Generation’], but a recalcitrant attitude towards fact and an all-embracing amiability towards comforting fallaciousness built from ‘relatable’ infrastructure designed to not mature but shield the psyche from fictional assailants left, right, and center [‘I suffered PTSD from an election’ a.k.a. ‘Fragile Generation’]. So, while the ‘woke’ culture-club in America is furiously identifying syllogistic hate-speech [read ‘An Exercise in the Art of Being Wrong’ for an antidote], demolishing supposed ‘threats’ [not even European art is safe], and solving crimes against ideological sensibilities in content from Mr. Potato Head [no joke], Dr. Seuss [again, not a joke], and even math itself [still not a joke], there is another group of young men and women fighting a much greater threat.

A dangerous enemy whose impact grossly outweighs the ‘courageous’ endeavors of derailing against immutable characteristics while garnishing public praise in the process, or socially-pressured, self-flagellation at the drop of the leaden, groupthink hat. While American youth are busy expunging perceived ills from historical past and present with little to no thought of their own paradoxicality [read ‘The Fall of Cambridge University’], shaming authors [No.1 example being J. K. Rowling], actors [Chris Pratt and his Conservative beliefs], and hardworking individuals [e.g., Adam Smith (shamed for protesting), Maria Tusken (shamed for being excited about traveling to India) ], there is an ever-expanding movement of youth upset with being blamed for societal-ills caused by a malignant, parliamentary monarchy looking for excuses but no real change. What country am I referring to? Spain, a ‘developed’ EU member-state with not only the second-lowest rate of unemployment [13.02%], but a corrupt absolute monarchy whose former leader, King Juan Carlos, the people’s King,’ with panic fled [Abu Dhabi] when his scandalous financial affairs [recent update by Reuters about Carlos’s attempt at avoiding jail-time] became unavoidably public. Further, this is a country where freedom of speech is a pauper’s dream [Rapper Voltonyc (jailed for ‘glorifying terrorism’), pernicious Article 578], candidly considered the worst country in Europe’ for its depreciating GDP [fell almost