The Symphonic Juncture

A [Symphonist]: "The one who is not afraid to raise the primal force."

- Boris Asafiev (1917)

The Case of Хаски vs. Слава [2020 Ed.]

Updated: Jan 31

(PC: Husky via his VKontakte response)

This commentary was written on Sunday, November 29th 2020, and thus the designated times and related temporal dates stated in the article are correlated to the publishing date of this text. As of Monday, the 30th of November, no significant changes or follow-up posts have been officially released by either party involved. Because of the economical size of Slava's response [Read here], I am hesitant to put forward my theory that Husky will respond, as what constructive outcome would a public reply engender? Slava [СЛАВА КРСС, Purulent] and his chastisement of Husky, in the year 2020, has come in two forms, through an Interview conducted in September, and a 'diss track' released as part of his Album 'Singles 2020', although one can speculate on possible, ulterior motives behind Slava's public displays of deep-seeded acrimony. I will let the reader discover the [rare, but they're there] sub-textual undertones encased within Slava's answers, as they are painfully indicative of a larger obstacle in contemporary musical culture, that being gross, elucidative naivety and the seemingly automatic predilection towards headstrong unquantifiability through the lens of produced diss-tracks and musical essays.

Update: As of November 27th, Slava has released his newest Album entitled, "Monster that ruined the world," signaling the last discographic output as 'СЛАВА КПСС' according to his own confession in his September Interview. It spans 16 tracks, and will be used for his upcoming 2021 Tour called the 'Lostchance Tour', encompassing two months and 14 venues.

About eight hours ago [5:27 am], Husky posted onto his VKontakte a five-point response [5 ответов гнойному] addressing Slava KPSS [Purulent, Vycheslav Mashnov] and his disparaging remarks towards Dmitry’s new Album ‘Хошхоног’. In a lengthy Interview with The Flow three days ago, Slava opened up about why and how he is ‘leaving’ the Rap Industry, the personal inclinations of his newest Album ‘The Monster who Ruined The World’, his conceptualizations about mainstream Rappers, and many more adjacent topics. However, it was his provocative, and borderline naively juvenile, comments about Husky’s [Dmitry Kuznetsov’s] intellectualism and poetic propensity that not only caught my eye, but more importantly were so ‘breathtaking’ as to cause Husky himself to publically address them. I say this on the heels of Slava’s attempted smear of Husky back in 2018 with his ‘diss’ Track [I use the word diss here as a formality] ‘I'll sing my music (Diss)’ which recounted his distaste for the Artists who came together to support Husky during his stint with anti-expressionary, governmental forces [Read here]. Slava’s stunt was not enough to issue a response from Husky, although it is important to mention that the ‘feud’ [If you can call it that] between the two Artists of immeasurably disparate quality started back in 2016 within Husky’s article for The Village