Russian Concert-Cancellation Document (R.C.C.D) 

An ongoing document which charts cancelled concerts, mostly Hip-Hop and Rap in nature. The dates of the first charted cancellation is 2012 and extends as late as 2018. 

Counter-Freedom Links (C.F.L)

A compilation of resources that pertain to contemporary personifications of Soviet era and general Communist organizations and movements. These organizations now only have expanded and increased in membership, but have reorganized themselves to meet the demands of the common era. 

1. Moscow (Leningrad) Komsomol Organization [+ FB page]

2. Pravda Online Newspaper

3. Official website of The Communist Party of Russian Fed. 

Anti-Dealer Movement 

Privately formed militia organization founded in/around 2016 by Dmitri Nossov after being expelled from The Liberal Democratic Party Supreme Council for operating inappropriately and for personal interest. The message of the group is as follows, "All-Russian public anti-drug movement to combat drug addiction in Russia. " 

Putin's Comments on Rap 

A collection of Putin's commentary on Rap and Hip-Hop's influence in Russia, and the growing necessity to answer the controversial discussion of what is to be done about young audiences who are favoring these genres and their active engagement with them.

1. Report via On Demand News [2018]

2. Article via Politico [2018]

3. Article via Moscow Times [2018]

4. Article via Highsnobiety [2019]

Anti-Pussy Riot Organization

'Founded' in 2012, this reactionary group was formed in retaliation to Pussy Riot and their hooliganism inside Christ the Savior Cathedral, Moscow's central Orthodox Church. The last post is listed as 2013, and thus the group can be considered effectively 'dead'.

ОБЩЕЕ ДЕЛО/ Common Cause

Inoffically beginning in 2011 with a coalition of citizens from ten Russian cities with the mission of healthy living entitled "Common Cause", the now-official group, of 2012, advocates for the ethical and moral lifestyle among young members of Russian society, as well as children. They rebel against 'alcoholism, tobacco smoking and drug addiction', with the goal of aiding in the 'revival and strengthening of Russia'.

Council for Culture and the Arts Meeting 

Held in 2018 in St. Petersburg, the aim was to discuss the creation of 'cultural clusters' in Vladivostok, Kemerovo, Kaliningrad and Sevastopol. This one-hour long meeting touched upon the creation of museums and cultural Institutions, as well as discussing the support of young Artists. This work would culminate and conclude in 2024 should Putin be elected. [However, he has been elected and will continue in Office].

What is Good Project

An organization that promotes 'family values' and the 'morality' of Russian, and Global, Society. Founded in 2014, it has rallied behind the motto, "Teach Good project is to improve the morality of our society," and has crafted four tenants to promote 'traditional family values.'

In Defense of Marxism 

Founded in 1998, this comprehensive resource claims to be the 'one of the world's foremost sources of Marxist theory',  and is one 'organ' of a 35-country strong organization called the 'International Marxist Tendency'. They advocate for a revolutionary movement against Capitalism, which has 'failed'.


A "civil society group" dedicated to the protection and outspoken advocacy for a free, global society where citizens have access to and control over their "digital rights, cyber-security, and internet governance." They make it a point to note their independent and anti-governmental orientation. 

Soviet Russia Newspaper

Founded in 1956 around the time of the 20th c. Congress of the CPSU. Their ostensible mission is to revitalize and reconstitute Communism throughout Russia with the mission statement being, "We preach and defend the right of our compatriots to their thousand-year history and the values ​​of Soviet civilization".

Historical Materialism Journal

Founded in 1997, this four-per-year Journal has conditioned itself a 'Marxist' Journal dedicated to the scrupulous study of all there to discover in the physical world. "Marxism constitutes the most fertile conceptual framework for analysing social phenomena, with an eye to their overhaul. In our selection of materials, we do not favour any one tendency, tradition or variant​."

Great Country of the USSR

Founded in 2010 and now serving as an extensive archive on the history of the USSR centered around 1922 to 1991, starting with the 1st Congress where the Constitution for the USSR was formally approved and sanctioned, the website centers around its honoring of the memory of Tyutyunnikov Anatoly Yakovlevich, the site creator's grandfather. Publication and Resource

Founded in/around 2000, centered around the inculcation, mental propagation, and dissemination of anti- governmental, agitational content in-line with the Socialist Doctrines of Stalin and the tenants of Marxist-Leninism, although re-articulated to fit modern-day sensibilities, this six-person team publishes content and provides a plethora of propagandic avenues, i.e., books, library, cartoons, etc., designed to make Bolshevism 'attractive'.

All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks [VKPb]

Formed in 1991 during/following the collapse of the Soviet Union, this continuation of The Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) follows the doctrines and principles laid out by Marxist-Leninism in a highly refined manner, and [hides] rallies behind the noble message of 'raising the level and quality of life of the masses'. They also follow the tenants of democratic centralism, meaning a power-structure built from low to high.