Wikipedia Article Creator and Editor (For Hire)

Because so much is searchable at the mere touch of a button, it's imperative that professional/intellectual/biographical information stay factually accurate, up-to-date, and most importantly, thoroughly organized and easily attainable!


That's why having a well-made and flushed-out Wikipedia

page is a vital necessity, especially now more than ever!


By consolidating information onto a single, freely accessible, AND easily readable page, potential audiences of all kinds are just waiting to be reached!

Price negotiable upon request: 

FAQs and some Answers


1. How does making a Wikipedia Article work?

You send me some biographical information, I do some online research, you send me some more information, and in a matter of weeks, the draft will be ready. Once the draft has been approved by the client, it will be sent in for Wikipedia approval. If it's accepted, then you have yourself an article! If not, more editing will be done and the process will continue until it's published. 

If there is a denial of submission, a semi-refund will be issued, due to the work required for submission.

2. Do I qualify for a Wikipedia Article?

To check if you qualify for a Wikipedia Article, click the link here. However, in short you have to fulfill the tenants below in order to be a suitable candidate.

a. You must have articles published about you.
b. You must have credible references mentioning you.
     Do your references have Wikipedia pages?
     Do you have at least ten credible references?
d. Are your references bad Wikipedia sources?
e. Do you make continuous contributions to your field?
f. Are you known for your contributions to your field?

3. How much time does a Wikipedia page take?


Normally, the R&D takes 3-4 weeks, and the writing taking another 1-3 weeks to complete fully. Then, the formatting and editing take another 1-2 weeks. Once the article is completed and drafts have been approved, Wiki approval can take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month depending on the time and availability of judges.

4. How do you maintain the Wikipedia page?


Although commissioned Wikipedia pages are done by one-person, once they are published they can be edited by anyone. However, I will be monitoring edits taken.

5. Can't anyone make a Wikipedia page?


Technically, yes. But if you work with me, I ensure that the highest quality of R&D, writing, and aesthetic design will be applied to your page. Having a knock-out Wikipedia page can boost your brand and public image immensely. Plus, your page will have a dedicated overseer and all unsatisfactory edits will be undone.

6. How do you make sure it's not vandalized?

Great question! By monitoring the page on a regular interval, I am able to assess quality of edits once the Article has been made public. Additionally, Wikipedia editors and Admins are incredibly vigilant when it comes to vandalization of any and all articles. 


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